OS X Leopard: Connecting to eduroam


Connecting to eduroam with Mac Leopard

1. This article applies to Mac OS 10.5.1 1. Open the Network utility: Applications | System Preference | Network.

Network Window

2. Select Airport on the left-hand menu (make sure  it is ON). Click on the Advanced... button.

Cinfiguring WPA Leopard

3. Click on 802.1X. In the Domain drop down menu (just below AirPort), select User.

NOTE: You will have to enter a name for the configuration; it will not automatically appear as WPA2 :eduroam.

network domain settings

4. Click on the + (plus) button in the lower left-hand corner and enter a name for the configuration.

adding a configuration.

5. On the right enter your PAWS ID with "@lsu.edu"  and password, select "eduroam" as the network, and for the Authentication uncheck everything except PEAP. Click OK.

NOTE: If you do enter your PAWS credentials in the form <PAWS ID>@lsu.edu, you WILL receive an error message.

entering PAWs credentials to join eduroam

6. In the Network window click Apply and from the Network Name drop down menu select "eduroam".

7. You should now be connected to "eduroam". If you get a message saying that "Airport does not have an IP address...", turn off the Airport and turn it back on. If you still can't connect, please call the Help Desk (578-3375).


12/22/2016 9:17:12 AM