SPSS Amos 23: Open Amos in the Virtual Lab (VLab)

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Open SPSS Amos (v22) in the Virtual Lab (VLab)

1. Launch the VMware View Client.  (Instructions on Downloading, Installing & Launching.)

2. Connect to the server. (vlab2.lsu.edu)

vmware sever info

3. Log-in using your PAWS username and password.

 vmware log in window

4. Double-click General Desktop.

General Desktop

5. Click Continue if you receive the following message box.

Click Continue Process

6. Select Start | All Programs | IBM SPSS Statistics | IBM SPSS Amos 23.

IBM SPSS Amos 23 in All Programs


Referenced from:  IBM

6/18/2019 1:58:02 PM