JMP: Activation / Reactivation (Windows)

Download the appropriate SID file for your version of JMP from the download section on TigerWare before installing the JMP program itself. This will be necessary for activating your product.

If you need licensing instructions or help, please see the Licensing & Reactivation section of JMP Statistical Discovery: LSU Overview.

To Activate / Re-activate JMP:

1. To download, click on your selected SID file, and choose Save File when prompted.

 Download JMP Installation file from TigerWare

2. Click on the correct file in the Download list.

the JMP download on the downloads list in the web browser

3. Click Run when prompted.

 the save file button for the program

Once you have downloaded the SID file for your select version of JMP, start your JMP software. The first screen you see at JMP launch is a message that you need to update your license.

4. Click Register Now.

the Register Now button to activate JMP license

5. At the prompt, navigate to where you saved the SID file and click Open.

 finding the JMP SID file

6. Enter an Administrator Name and Department if you desire and click OK.

the personalize your JMP License window


Referenced from: JMP Statistical Delivery

6/20/2019 1:50:39 PM