Frey Building Coordinator: Submitting an Incident Report in Footprints

FootPrints is available to LSU Faculty, Students & Staff.  For FootPrints to function properly, pop-up blockers must be configured to allow pop-ups for FootPrints.

Enter a FootPrints Request

1. Open FootPrints ( 

2. Enter your MyLSU Account ID & password and click Login

Help Desk LOGIN

3. On the Footprints Homepage in the upper right corner, Make sure that you are in the ITS ServiceDesk workspace.

Footprints home page

Footprints project information

4. Click New Incident and select Frey Building Maintenance from the drop-down menu.

Select New Incident

5. Enter a Summary. Summaries should contain general information about the problem. 

  • Make sure that you fill in this space with a brief description of the issue so that the reader of the issue will know what the problem is.

Summary field in Footprints

6.  Enter the Contact Information. This information will establish a consistent form of communication with the Service Desk.

  • The columns highlighted in red with an asterisk (*) indicate the Required fields.  

  • Enter your MyLSU Account ID & press Enter.  (Fields will populate from the LSU directory information.)

Contact information field in Footprints

7. Enter the Issue Information. This will help establish the type of assistance needed.

Issue information field in Footprints

8. The Description is the heart of the problem ticket. This is where you can expand on the general information provided in the Summary.  Provide as much information as you can in order to assist the Service Desk in properly routing your request.

Description field in Footprints

9. Scroll Down to the bottom of the page & click Save.

Save button

6/21/2019 1:30:22 PM