SEP 14: Installation Instructions (Mac)

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To Install Symantec on a Mac OS X Operating System:

1. Download from TigerWare.

SEP download from tigerware

2. Double-click the Symantec Endpoint Protection Installer file.

symantec  file

3. Click Continue at the bottom of the window.

Restart warning

4. Read the Software License Agreement by clicking View License Agreement, and click Agree & Install after you read it at the bottom of the page.

license agreement with Agree and Install to click at the bottom of the page.

5. Enter your Mac Username and Password.  (Not the same as your MyLSU ID!)

6. The installation will then take a few minutes and the summary screen should appear stating the installation was completed and successful.  Click Close and Restart in the middle of the page.

completed and successful installation

7. When logging back on, the installation will be completed.


Referenced from: SEP

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