Lynda Campus: How to Create & Share Playlists


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General Information

With playlist sharing:

• Faculty can build and distribute course lists to help students follow custom learning paths or specific curricula
• Managers can recommend a series of courses to staff members
• Students can show a teacher what they’ve accomplished

Create a Playlist

Add courses to a new or existing playlist by clicking the My Playlists button on the home page then proceeding to press the blue button labeled Create new playlist on the following page.

My Playlists button

Create new playlist button

Share a Playlist

1. Go to your playlists page by selecting Playlists from the User menu in the black bar at the top right corner of any page. It is the second option listed.

User menu with playlist tab

2. Select which playlist you want to share, then make sure you have selected to make the playlist Public by clicking the option Make public at the right side of the page, the fourth option listed.

Make public button

NOTE: Click Edit playlist near the right side of the page to add an optional description to the playlist.

3. Then choose how you want to share your playlist: use the Email address or URL link to share your playlist with your colleagues.

Share options


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