Microsoft Office 2013: Activating from On-Campus

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General Information

Activate Microsoft Office 2013 when you are on-campus.  If you are off-campus, please refer to Microsoft Office 2013: Activating from Off-Campus Using the VPN.

Download Microsoft Office 2013 from TigerWare.

Activate Software License (On-Campus)

1. Close ALL instances of Microsoft Office 2013.

2. Confirm that you are connected to the LSU network. (Either eduroam or plugged into the wired network.)

3. Open Microsoft Word 2013.

4. Leave the program open for about fifteen minutes.

5. Close Microsoft Word 2013.

6. Verify Office has activated: Microsoft Office 2013: Verify Activation.

*Please Note: In order to keep Office 2013 activated you must repeat the steps of this article every 180-days or your copy of Office 2013 will become inactive.*


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