Mathematica 9: Activation Instructions


To Activate Mathematica

  • These instructions apply to LSU Students, Faculty & Staff.

1. Install Mathematica 9.

2. Submit a Mathematica Activation Key Request Form. 

NOTE: The URL for the form is listed in the Mathematica entry on TigerWare.

  • Either create a Wolfram ID or login with your current Wolfram ID.  We do not recommend continuing forward without Logging in.

activiation key request form.

3. Enter your Contact Information, select Mathematica for Sites 9.0.0 (Single Machine)

4. Click Submit.

activation request contact information.

5. Open Mathematica 9 and enter the Activation Key.  The key can be found in your email that you provided in Step 4.

key activation request with "Activate" highlighted in the bottom right-hand corner.

6. Activation will occur.

 activating screen.

7. Check "I accept the terms of this agreement" and click OK.

license agreement screen with "OK" highlighted in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

NOTE: To activate Mathematica 9 on multiple computers or platforms, just repeat this process.


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