Moodle 3: Activities & Resources: Quiz Question Types: Essay

Essay Questions allow a response of a few sentences or paragraphs. This must then be graded manually. For more information, see Manual Grading.

NOTE: For longer essays, it is recommended that instructors use the Assignment activity as the Essay question is intended for no more than a couple of paragraphs of text. See How to Create an Assignment for more information.

To Create Essay Quiz Questions in the Question Bank:

1. Open Moodle and select your course.

2. In the Administration block, click the folder next to Question Bank, then select Questions.

administration block showing Questions link under question bank section

3. Click Create a new question.

selecting a category and the create a new question button

4. Select Essay and then Add.

Choose question type window with essay selected at left sidebar, and add button at bottom

5. In the General section, Question Name, Question Text, and Default points are required. Optional sections include: Response Options, Response Template, Grader Information, and Tags.

NOTE: It is suggested that the instructor make sure that the category is correct for organizational reasons and that the question name be something specific (other than Number 1) so that it is easier to find and edit them later.

general settings and other setting sections in creating a question

6. The Response Options include settings that require students to enter text, allow/require for attachments and sets the text box size.

Essay response options

7. The Response Template allows instructors to create a template to scaffold the students' answers in order to give them extra support.

8. Tags can be applied to assign key words pertaining to a specific question.

the tags settings and "save changes and continue editing" button

9. Click Save changes in the floating grey box when finished.

Save changes button highlighted in floating box


To add your newly created question to a quiz, see Adding Quiz Questions to a Quiz.

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