GROK: Expired Queue

After an article's annual expiration date has passed, it will enter the Expired Articles Queue to be updated.

To Access the Expired Queue:

1. Click Expired Articles in the Work Queues box.

NOTE: The number in parenthesis indicates the total number of articles inside the queue.

GROK editor queue

2. Inside of the expired queue, you will be able to see every expired article that you have permission to access.

3. Articles can be organized by content unit, username, or by clicking any of the bold headings inside of the queue.

4. Click on any article to view.

example of expiring article in GROK

5. When updating, please ensure that all information is correct, all links are working, and that it is properly formatted. Make sure to check accessibility by clicking the person icon next to Source at the top, and check spelling by clicking the ABC icon and then Check Spelling. If you have questions, feel free to ask us!

NOTE: Knowledge Stewards are only responsible for content.

6. If article content needs updating, please make the necessary changes by clicking Edit Article Content.

 editing article content in GROK

7. Verify that all information is correct.  

8. If there is an "Overview" article for the subject matter, include the Overview article ID in the Overview Settings box at the top of the article. If the article itself is an Overview, please check the checkbox instead. DO NOT forget this step- it is very important! 

9. Change the Expiration date of the article to one year from the day updated. (Ex. 6/18/2015 - change the 5 to 6)

10. If you made major changes, add Comments on this Revision making note of what changes you made.

Expiration Date and Revision Comments text boxes.

11. Click Submit for Approval after all necessary updating is completed.

 submitting article for approval in GROK


12/15/2023 2:01:01 PM