Avaya Mobile App: Connect to an LSU Campus Phone

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General Information:

The Avaya One-Mobile SIP Communicator App takes your cell phone and turns it into an extension of your campus desk phone.  (FREE!)

(NOTE:    This application will not work if you are not connected to eduroam Your office phone will NOT ring through to your cell phone when you are OFF-CAMPUS.)

An alternate service, EC500, is available BOTH ON- & OFF- CAMPUS.  For more information, see the following article:  EC500 Extension to Cellular.

(NOTE:  There is a One Time Charge of $165 to establish this service.)

Request Service:

Complete the Networking & Infrastructure Online Request Form to order this service & activate the Avaya One-Mobile SIP Communicator Service.

Video Instructions :

Watch the Avaya One X Mobile App Video.   This video tutorial is available In addition to the instructions listed below.

Download & Install:

1. Open the iTunes App Store & search for 'avaya'.

(NOTE:  If you are installing the app on an iPad, be sure the selection "iPhone Only" is visible at the top-left of the screen.)

2. Find & Select  'Avaya one-X Mobile sip'.


(NOTE: You may need to enter your Apple ID & Password.)

Avaya one-X screen, select install

Configure & Connect:

1. Once installed, open the Avaya One-X Mobile app. 

2. Tap the Accept button on the Avaya License Agreement.

Avaya one-X, select accept

3. Tap the Set-up Account button.

Avaya one-X, select Set-up Account

4. Tap the next button at the bottom of the screen.

5. The SIP Server screen will open.  Enter the following SIP Server Settings:


  • Server:  
    • Type
  • Port:
    • 5061  (default setting)
  • TLS:
    • Turned ON  (default setting)

Avaya one-X, enter credentials

6. Click next.

7. The User Details screen will open.  Enter the following Users Details:

  • Extension:
    • The number that was sent to you by NIVC-Voice Group when you ordered the service.
  • Domain:
    • Enter voip.lsu.edu
  • Password:
    • Enter your Extension Number again. 

Avaya one-X, enter credentials

8. Tap next.

9. Where is asks Please enter the configuration URL, enter http://uni-phoneweb.lsu.edu/license.plist.  

10. Tap get started.

Avaya one-X, enter URL and select get started

11. The Avaya One-X Mobile screen will open and you will see the phone dial pad.  If you look at the top of the screen you will see the phone logging into the network and if you put in all the correct settings you will see a telephone handset and your 5 digit extension. 

  • At this point you are logged in and connected to the network.

Avaya one-X, you are now connected to network


Disconnect from the Network

1. Tap the Settings button, located at the bottom-right hand side of the screen.   

2. Tap the Account button to open the Account Details screen.

3. Tap the red Disconnect button. 

  • You will see "disconnecting" at the top.  You are now disconnected.

avaya one-X, select disconnect


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