LSUMail: Obtain a Client Certificate from InCommon for E-Mail Encryption (PKI)

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This article will explain how to enroll and download a client certificate from InCommon Cert Manager. The client certificate will be used to "Sign" and / or "Encrypt" your e-mail messages.

**PLEASE NOTE: Web-based e-mail clients, such as Outlook Web Access(OWA) *do not* support S/MIME.  Please use a non web-based e-mail client, such as Microsoft Outlook, to send and receive signed or encrypted e-mails.**

Steps to Obtain the Client Certificate

  1. Please visit to request a client certificate.
    NOTE:  myLSU (PAWS) login is required. If you are off-campus, you will need to use the VPN in order to download the certificate.  View the VPN: LSU Overview for more information.
    Screenshot of PKI website menu with client certificate highlighted
  2. After clicking the "Client Certificates", please click submit on the form.
  3. Once your request has been promised, you will receive a provisioning e-mail from <>.
  4. Open the link in your provisioning e-mail from "Certificate Services Manager" <>. 
  5. The link should take you to the following form.  The "Code" and "E-mail" fields should be already filled.  Please enter a PIN and Passphrase and click "Submit". 
    The PIN will be used to protect your Private Key contained in the certificate.  The Passphrase will be used to authenticate you if you need to revoke your certificateInCommon Certificate Manager
  6. After a few seconds (15-45 seconds) the following page should appear.  You should download the certificate to a safe place.  (Please note the download location on your computer.  You will need to locate the certificate in the next step.)
    InCommon Certificate Manager; Download button highlighted at the left
  7. Install your new Personal Certificate for use with your favorite e-mail client by following one of the listed articles.
    LSUMail: Install a Client Certificate from InCommon in Mozilla Thunderbird.



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