iPad 2: Add & Delete Bookmarks in Safari


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Add or Create a New Bookmark

1. Open Safari:  On the home screen of your iPad, tap Safari.

safari app on Ipad homescreen

2. Browse to the web page you want to add a bookmark to.  Tap the Action button at the top of the screen.

action button

3. From the pulldown menu, tap Add Bookmark.

add bookmark button


4. In the Add Bookmark window, you can edit the Name associated to your Bookmark. When you are done, tap Save.

naming and saving bookmark

5. To Open and View the Boomark you just created:

  • Tap the Bookmark button, located next to the Action button.
  • Tap the newly created Bookmark to bring up the bookmarked page.

bookmark list

Delete an Existing Bookmark

1. Open Safari:  On the home screen of your iPad, tap Safari.

2. At the top of the screen. tap on the Bookmark Button, this will allow you to view all bookmarks.

bookmark list

3. Tap the Edit Button in the top right corner.  

4. Tap the minus sign (-) by a bookmark to delete it.

5. Tap Done.

deleting bookmarks

6. Another way to Delete a Bookmark is by using the Swiping Gesture.  

  • This is completed by swiping your finger to the left across a bookmark.

swipe directions

7. Once it appears from the pulldown menu, tap Delete.

delete Button

Troubleshooting Tips

If the problem is still occurring after completing the steps above, try the following:

1. Open the Safari Web Browser on your device.

2. Clear your Browsing History.

3. Click OK on the bookmark icon.

4. Swipe your finger to the left across a bookmark.  This will display a Delete button on the right-hand corner of your iPad.

5. Click the Delete button when it displays.

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