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General Information

WebAnywhere is a web-based screen reader that requires no software. This reader allows the visually-impaired to access the web from any computer with a sound card. It will run on any machine regardless of operating system or browser.

This service works best with Adobe Flash but will also work with players such as Windows Media Player or Quicktime.

Getting Started

Access WebAnywhere from

When WebAnywhere is loaded and in use on the current page, a dialog box will appear on the top of the page that looks like this:

Web Anywhere search box

This box allows the user to search the web using WebAnywhere which will keep the screen reader open and read the Web page aloud.

Keyboard Commands

  • Ctrl-L: move the cursor to the location box where you can type a URL to visit
  • Arrow Down: read the next element on the page
  • Arrow Up: read the previous element on the page
  • Tab: skip to the next link or form control
  • Ctrl-H: skip to the next heading
  • Ctrl-I: skip to the next input element
  • Ctrl-R: skip to the next row by cell when in a table
  • Ctrl-D: skip to the next column by cell when in a table
  • Page Down: read continuously from the current position
  • Home: read continuously, starting over from the beginning of the page
  • Ctrl: silence WebAnywhere and pause the system

(WebAnywhere is a Web based accessibility service and WILL NOT read desktop applications such as Word or Excel.)


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