Microsoft Security Essentials: Keeping Virus/Spyware Definitions Up-To-Date

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Since malware is always being developed, Microsoft Security Essentials depends upon up-to-date definitions to regulate if software is unwanted (i.e. containing viruses, spyware, or some other type of malware).

There are two ways to check for these new definitions, Automatically and Manually.

Automatically Check for New Definitions:

1. Select Settings at the top bar and then choose Scheduled Scan.

the settings tab in the top menu   the scheduled scan button.

2. Click the check box, "check for the latest virus & spyware definitions before running a scheduled scan," and choose Save changes. (If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type it in to continue.)

the check for latest virus and spyware checkbox.

Manually Check for New Definitions:

1. Choose Update, under the Update tab.

the update button at the left of the update section.

NOTE: Microsoft Security Essentials updates the definitions, automatically, and will notify the user if the definitions are out of date.

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