OS X Snow Leopard: Quickly Switch Between Applications


Archived Historical Data: Not Actively Maintained.

Sometimes when you have multiple applications running it becomes tricky to switch between them quickly. This article will show you how to to this efficiently.  

1. Hold down the Command key (Apple) and press the Tab key (Command-Tab).

2. Mac OS X immediately displays a mini-Dock with icons for each of your open applications. At the left side of the mini-Dock, you’ll see the icon for your current application. 

3. Next to it (and highlighted), you’ll find the icon for the application you last used. Each time you press the Tab key (without releasing the Command key), you can cycle through your open applications.

Note: You can also use the Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys to navigate your open applications.

Screen shot of switching applications

Referenced from: Apple.com




4/17/2013 12:22:16 PM