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General Information

Audio conferencing services enable a meeting to be conducted without the need for all of the participants to meet in a single location. These services enable meetings to be planned and arranged such that the actual meetings are conducted by bringing participants together by telephone or through the Internet-- anytime and anywhere.

Audio services are all available on a single state contract. Agency users can choose from either per minute usage per attendee or an optional monthly flat rate per host by using Voice Over Computer. International connections are available as a part of these services, with rates varying by country. 

The Audio Conferencing service can be accessed with a landline, mobile phone or through Voice over Computer. After an agency subscribes to the service, access information will be provided to the agency for the host to use. The host, or meeting organizer, will be responsible for the conference set ups. The host will be responsible for providing the conference access information to the conference attendees. The access information includes a toll free number and PIN or a URL depending on the conference type and the date and time of the conference event.

View all of the Audio Conferencing options at LSU: Audio Conferencing: LSU Overview.

Eligibility & Billing Rates

Faculty and Staff  MUST possess a valid LSU budget code and a Purchase Order.

For pricing details refer to AT&T Contract 409361 on the Office of State Purchasing website. (NOTE TO GROK ADMIN: I am unable to get to the rates on The Office of State Purchasing website. Until it is accessible again, it may be better to point the LSU customer to their website.  Lisa Snedigar)

Ordering / Request Procedures Forms

Submit a University Networking and Infrastructure UNI Work Order. Attach the following information to the order request:

  • A Completed NS-52 Form.
  • A Purchase Order (It is the responsibility of the department to estimate the amount of usage for the fiscal year.)
    • UNI will Review, Approve & Submit the information to the selected Vendor.
    • The Vendor will contact you once the account has been created.

LSU Support & Policy Statements

Help Desk Contact Information

Policy Statements


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