Moodle 3: Upgrade FAQ for Faculty


ITS is happy to announce the upgrade of LSU Moodle, arriving August 1, 2016. This upgrade will move the LSU Moodle from version 2.7 to version 3.1. Included in the upgrade will be many new and improved features along with an updated look and feel. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers that can help you as you prepare to transition to the new system.

Q: Where are my old courses?
A: All previously taught courses will be available on the Moodle 2 site through October 3, 2016. Backups of all previously taught courses will be available to restore to the Moodle 3 site through the end of the 2016 Fall term. Starting on October 4th, there will be a gradual removal of old live courses from Moodle 2 using the schedule outlined below:

image of the rentation policy


  • The content of all Moodle 2 courses has been backed up and archived for instructors to import into Moodle 3. To restore your course content into a Moodle 3 course, follow these instructions:
  • The Moodle 2 live site will be retired at the end of the 2016 Fall semester. At that time, instructors will not be able to access their previous courses on the Moodle 2 site. (
  • After the 2016 Fall semester, instructors will have access to archived files only for courses taught during the previous 3 major semesters (or approximately 18 months).
    • Examples:
      • In January 2017, instructors will be able to access archived course content from the Fall 2015 Semester and onward.
      • In August 2017, instructors will have access to archived course content from Spring 2016 and onward.
  • If you would like to save any content from courses that are older than 18 months, you have several options. The first option is to download and save the content to your own computer. The second option is to import the content into a Master Course in Moodle 3. For each course you teach, you can get a single Master Course created. Instructors can use a Master Course to create and store content for a course to be taught in a future semester. Students do not get enrolled in Master Courses. For instructions on how to request a Master Course, please visit GROK article 18456.
  • Backups of all Moodle 2 and Moodle 3 courses will be stored on the local LSU Moodle grade server. Please note, these local backups can only be restored to the grade server and will not be available for access in Moodle 3. For more information, please visit GROK article 18495

Q: How do I request my 2016 Fall courses in Moodle 3?
A: You do not need to do anything to request your courses. All courses at or under the 8000 level will automatically be created and available starting on August 1st.* If you do not see your 2016 Fall course(s) in Moodle 3 by August 1st, please check with your department to ensure are added as the instructor of record for the course and section(s) on the mainframe. Once you are added, it takes overnight for the Moodle course to be created. If you require further assistance, contact the Faculty Technology Center ( or 578-3375, option 1).

*Note: Students will not see their Moodle courses until the instructor makes the course available to them. For instructions on how to make a Moodle course available to students, please visit GROK article # 18357 Moodle 3: Making Your Course Available to Students.

Q: How do I transfer course content from a previous semester into my new course?
A: The steps of importing materials into a course is the same. Click on your new course, click on “Overwrite current course” or “Import all materials into current course” under the “Simple Restore” block, and select the backup file to the course you wish to transfer materials from. For additional information, please visit GROK article #18477 Moodle 3: Ways to Restore or Import Content into a Course.

Q: How do I enroll my students in my courses?
A: By default, students are automatically enrolled into the course 14-days prior to the first day of class. In a typical semester you can change the date up to  60-days prior to the first day of class, as long as you are listed as the instructor of record on the mainframe by your department. However, the earliest you can enroll your students for the 2016 Fall semester is August 1st. For more information, please visit article #18534: How to Change Creation/Enrollment Settings. To manually enroll users to your course (e.g., a graduate teaching assistant) please visit article #18367: Enrolling Extra Participants into Your Course.

Moodle 3 Assistance: Resources and Support

  • ITS is working on creating online documentation on Moodle 3 in GROK. Please visit for online support.
  • Training will be available for Moodle 3 starting in August. Please visit to view and register for trainings.
  • Starting on August 1, 2016, look for links on myLSU to short informational videos regarding the Moodle 3 upgrade.
  • ITS Help Desk-, 578-3375
  • Faculty Technology Center-, 578-3375-option 1
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