Footprints: Icons


Website overhaul coming shortly. Push through... Footprints contains many options for an Issue from the Details screen for that Issue. They include:

Details - Display details of Issue (default).

details icon

Edit - Edit the Issue (only available if you have edit permissions to this Issue).

Edit icon

Copy/Move - This icon opens a second toolbar with options o copy the Issue within the current Project or copy or move the Issue to another Project.

Copy/Move icon

Link - Link to another Issue in the Project or in another Project.

 Link icon

Subtask - This icon opens a second toolbar with options to create a Subtask of the Issue or make this Issue a subtask of a n existing Issue.

Subtask tab

Global - Turn the Issue into a Global Issue or GlobalLink

Global tab

Delete - Delete the Issue from the project (only available if you have delete permissions for the Issue).

Delete tab

Report - Display a report of this Issue (opens in separate window for printing).

Report tab

Add to KB - Create a Solution for the Knowledge Base with the details from this Issue (does not change original Issue).

Add to KB tab

These options appear as icons on the Footprints screen.



1/18/2017 1:26:29 PM