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Click the Synchronize button to immediately synchronize settings between the FootPrints Sync client and FootPrints.

Help and Exit

An online help document that is specific to FootPrints Sync is displayed when you click the Help button and select FootPrints Sync Help. There is also an About FootPrints Sync option on the Help menu that contains release information.

Click the Exit button to end your FootPrints Sync session.

FootPrints Sync Menu: File

The File option on the FootPrints Sync client menu displays a drop-down menu with the following options:

  • Uninstall FootPrints Sync Client- Uninstalls the FootPrints Sync client.
  • Reset Palm Hotsync Settings- Resets the Palm HotSync configuration so that it no longer is configured for working with the FootPrints Sync client.
  • Exit- Exits the application.

FootPrints Sync Menu: Options

The Options selection of the FootPrints Sync client menu reveals the following options:

  • Reread PC Data on Next Sync and Reread FootPrints Data on Next Sync- FootPrints Sync uses a special technology to skip past records that already exist on the handheld. The first time a new database is processed it's much slower because FootPrints Sync must check every field. Subsequent processes are much faster, because FootPrints Sync only updates the data that has changed.

Sometimes data changes in a way that FootPrints Sync does not recognize. In other cases, reconfiguration requires a reread, like when you change the Category field or mobile phone number field in FootPrints Sync.

If you think the record count on the handheld is no longer reflecting the data record in your Web PIM, or that the field values on the handheld do not reflect current FootPrints Sync configuration, check the appropriate Reread on the next Sync to force FootPrints Sync to reread the database and update all fields.


Click the Help button from the menu to get the About page or to access the FootPrints Sync-specific documentation.

Recurring Appointments

FootPrints Sync handles appointments properly for all PIMs with one, limited exception. In the case of Lotus Notes, if a change is made in Lotus Notes to the time at which a recurring appointment occurs, the change shows up in FootPrints when it is synchronized. However, if a change is made in FootPrints to the time at which a recurring appointment occurs, the change is not reflected in Lotus Notes.

With Lotus Notes, only the most recent description is synchronized to the To-Do list, not all Descriptions.

Deleting Appointments

One limitation of Numara FootPrints Sync is that, if you have a calendar appointment with several people invites and someone syncs with the appointment, then deletes the appointment form his or her PIM,  and then resyncs, the appointment is deleted in FootPrints even though it may still be relevant to the other invitees. To prevent this from happening, if someone does not want to be part of a group appointment, they should delete themselves as an invitee in the FootPrints calendar appointment and then resync; the appointment will be deleted from their PIM and the FootPrints appointment will remain.

Synchronizing "On-demand"

To synchronize the PIM and FootPrints "on-demand", i.e, immediately, either double-click the FootPrints Sync Setup icon and then click the Synchronize button or double-click the FootPrints Sync icon.


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