FootPrints: Sync

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FootPrints: Sync

This article will guide you through the steps of Install the Footprints Sync Desktop client.

1. Select Preferences from the FootPrints toolbar.

Preferences button

2. From FootPrints Service Core Sync Method (under Misc.) select FootPrints Sync (2-way) then click Configure FootPrints Sync Settings.

Footprints Service Core Sync field

3. A new Internet browser window will appear, from that window click Download the FootPrints Service Core Sync Client.

Download link

4. You will then be prompted save the file FPSync.exe click Save File.

Save file button

5. Once you have downloaded and opened the file, the Installation wizard will appear. Click the Next> button.

Next button

6. The wizard will then be ready to install, click Install.

Install button

7. The wizard will then install FootPrints Sync, once the installation is finished click Finished.

Finish button.

Referenced from: Mozilla Firefox


1/29/2018 11:46:47 AM