FootPrints: Submitting a New Incident

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Submitting incidents is the central purpose of FootPrints. Through submitting incidents, users can get their questions resolved swiftly by an IT professional. Additionally, submitting tickets allows Information Technology Services to get feedback on what problems are currently troubling users.

Submit a New Incident:

1. First, users need to log into their FootPrints account. After logging into FootPrints, users should select the New Incident button.

New incident tab

2. The next screen will detail the entire process of submitting a ticket. The first thing a user should provide is a Summary. Summaries should contain general information about the problem.

New incident pop up

3. Next, the ticket asks for Contact Information. Users should use this form to establish a consistent form of communication with the Help Desk.

NOTE: columns highlighted in red are required for users to enter in their information.

contact information settings

4. The Description is the heart of the problem ticket. This is where users can expand on the general information provided in the Summary. Typically, the more information that users provide, the more likely that Information Technology Services can help users with their problem or incident.

description section

5. The next two options are completely optional, but can be helpful for users. The first option is called Notifications. Notifications simply allow users to be contacted through a secondary e-mail address in case their primary e-mail address is unavailable.

Agents and Notifications

6. The second option that users can use is Attachments. Users can attach a document, image, or even a video helping detail their problem.

attachments section

7. After filling out all necessary information, users should select SAVE to submit their ticket.

save button

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