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Your HomePage Preferences:

homepage preferences.

The following are your options:

1. Select the Lists that will be available on the Homepage: The lists that are displayed in the drop-down in the main window of the Homepage.  One or more lists can be highlighted by holding down the CTRL key while clicking on the list.

2. Default List: The default list of issues generated automatically on the FootPrints Homepage when logging into FootPrints is specified here.  Choose from one of the highlighted lists.  One of the options is New Issue, which makes a create Issue page the default homepage.

3. Auto-Refresh Interval: Normally, the default Homepage list refreshes each time you click Project Home or perform any action that brings you back to the Homepage. Optionally, you can set your preferences to automatically refresh the Homepage list at intervals of 15, 30, or 60 minutes.  If you configure FootPrints to refresh every 30 minutes and then go to lunch, when you come back the list is refreshed, with no user intervention required.

4. Maximum Incidents per Screen: The maximum number of Issues that display at one time on the Homepage.

5. Sort List By: Sort list by a designated field (including Project and Address Book fields).  Choose descending (from lowest to highest) or ascending (highest to lowest) order.

Make your changes, and then enter your password in the Apply Changes field at the bottom of the page. Click SAVE. If you skip this step, the changes are not made.

footprints apply changes button.

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