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Microsoft Word 2007: New Locations for Table Menu Options


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Microsoft Office has been reconfigured for the 2007 edition, therefore the location of many functions that were once located in the menu bar have now been moved to the new Office Ribbon.  The table below will show how to access the features that were formerly located in the Table menu in Microsoft Word 2003 with Word 2007.

Word 2003 Location
Word 2007 Location
Keyboard Shortcut
Table > Draw Table Select Home. Click Paragraph. Click Borders icon. Click Draw Table.
Select Insert. Click Tables. Click Table. Click Draw Table.
Select Table Tools. Click Design. Click Draw Borders. Click Draw Table.
In Word 2003: Alt-A, W
In Word 2007: Alt-A, W or Alt-N, T, D
Table > Insert > Table Select Insert. Click Tables. Click Table. Click Insert Table. In Word 2003: Alt-A, I, T
In Word 2007: Alt-A, I, T or Alt-N, T
Table > Insert > Columns, Rows, Cells Select Table Tools. Click Layout. Click Rows & Columns. In Word 2003: Alt-A, I, choose addl. letter
In Word 2007: Alt-J, L, choose addl. letter
Table > Delete > Table, Columns, Rows, Cells Select Table Tools. Click Layout. Click Rows & Columns. Click Delete. In Word 2003: Alt-A, D, choose addl. letter
In Word 2007: Alt-J, L, D, choose addl. letter
Table > Select > Table, Column, Row, Cell Select Table Tools. Click Layout. Click Table. Click Select. In Word 2003: Alt-A, C, choose addl. letter
In Word 2007: Alt-J, L, K, choose addl. letter
Table > Merge Cells Select Table Tools. Click Layout. Click Merge. Click Merge Cells. In Word 2003: Alt-A, M
In Word 2007: Alt-A, M or Alt-J, L, M
Table > Split Cells Select Table Tools. Click Layout. Click Merge. Click Split Cells. In Word 2003: Alt-A, P
In Word 2007: Alt-A, P or Alt-J, L, P
Table > Split Table Select Table Tools. Click Layout. Click Merge. Click Split Table. In Word 2003: Alt-A, T
In Word 2007: Alt-A, T or Alt-J, L, Q
Table > Table AutoFormat Select Table Tools. Click Design. Click Table Styles. In Word 2003: Alt-A, F
In Word 2007: Alt-J, T, S
Table > AutoFit Select Table Tools. Click Layout. Click Cell Size. Click AutoFit. In Word 2003: Alt-A, A
In Word 2007: Alt-J, L, F
Table > Heading Rows Repeat Select Table Tools. Click Layout. Click Data. Click Repeat Header Rows. In Word 2003: Alt-A, H
In Word 2007: Alt-A, H or Alt-J, L, J
Table > Convert > Text to Table Select Insert. Click Tables. Click Table. Click Convert Text to Table. In Word 2003:: Alt-A, V, X
In Word 2007: Alt-A, V, X or Alt-N, T, V
Table > Convert > Table to Text Select Table Tools. Click Layout. Click Data. Click Convert to Text. In Word 2003: Alt-A, V, B
In Word 2007: Alt-A, V, B or Alt-J, L, V
Table > Sort Select Home. Click Paragraph. Click Sort.
Select Table Tools. Click Layout. Click Table. Click Sort.
In Word 2003: Alt-A, S
In Word 2007: Alt-A, S or Alt-J, L, S, O
Table > Formula Select Table Tools. Click Layout. Click Table. Click Formula. In Word 2003: Alt-A, O
In Word 2007: Alt-A, O or Alt-J, L, U, L
Table > Hide/Show Gridlines Select Table Tools. Click Layout. Click Table. Click Hide/Show Gridlines. In Word 2003: Alt-A, G
In Word 2007: Alt-A, G or Alt-J, L, T, G
Table > Table Properties Select Table Tools. Click Layout. Click Table. Click Properties.
Select Table Tools. Click Layout. Click Cell Size. Click Properties.
In Word 2003: Alt-A, R
In Word 2007: Alt-A, R or Alt-J, L, O



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