Windows Movie Maker 2011: Adjusting Audio Levels of Background Music vs Ambient Audio


This article will explain how how to adjust the audio levels between background music and ambient audio in Windows Movie Maker. This is useful when your background music makes it difficult to hear the audio from your videos.

To Adjust the Audio Levels between your Background Music (Audio/Music and Audio from Video):

1. Click Tools.

Select Tools on the Windows Movie Maker toolbar

2. Click Audio Levels.

In the drop down menus, select Audio Levels

3. Drag the slider to adjust the audio levels of your ambient audio (Audio from video) and background music (Audio/Music)

Adjust the audio levels slider.

4. Close the Audio Levels window.

close button on the audio levels window.

5. This will change the levels of your ambient audio and background music audio. To preview the changes, play your video.

Referenced from: Microsoft Support

9/15/2016 12:43:34 PM