SNAP: How to Add Zoom to a Course

Adding Zoom to your Snap-Themed Course

1. Login to Moodle and choose the course to which you wish to add Zoom.

2. Click Create a learning activity.

Create learning activity button


3. Choose External Tool and click Add.

External Tool Add external tool


4. Enter the desired Activity name, and select Zoom Web Conference in the drop down menu under Preconfigured Tool.

Add zoom web conference\

Please note: (If non-graded participation, un-check accept grades from tool under Privacy) 


5. Now, click Save and display.

Save and display


6. The next page displays the Show my course meetings only check box; if you check this and refresh the page, the list view will show only meetings for the current course. If unchecked, you will see the list of Zoom meetings for all of your Moodle courses.

show my course meetings only - zoom conference


7. Using the tab All My Zoom Meetings/Recordings will allow you to view any meeting regardless of if it is in Moodle. Students will only see meetings for the current course.

all my zoom meetings tab

For instructions on adding a Zoom conference to a Non-SNAP themed Moodle course please see the following link:

3/23/2020 3:25:41 PM