Cherwell: Ticket Basics

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Cherwell: Ticket Basics

Each customer has full access to add to the information in a new or existing ticket.


To View Correspondence

Information about correspondence will be captured in the Journal tab for the record as a Journal – Mail History item.

Cherwell journal tab

Cherwell journal tab entry


New Ticket - Top Menu Selections

New Ticket Menu

  • Save: Saves the ticket and any information that has been input.
  • Abandon: Allows you to abandon changes made before the most recent ticket save.
  • Refresh: Allows you to view up to date ticket information while inside of the ticket window.
  • Attach a file: Allows you to attach a file of any file type to support your request.
  • Record Navigation: These navigational arrows allow you to access your own tickets. You can navigate to (in order of appearance) the first, previous, next, and last tickets that you have created.
  • Show Current Record: Returns you to currently active incident when navigating through Results List or Grid.
  • Show Results List: Shows your Open Incidents and Requests in a list format.
  • Show Results Grid: Shows your Open Incidents in an informational grid format.


Existing Ticket - Top Menu Selections

Existing Ticket - Top


There are some differences between accessible actions on a new ticket and an existing ticket.

  • Edit: Edit an existing ticket.
  • Chat With Support: Initiate a chat session with a Service Desk agent.
  • Withdraw: Withdraw your existing ticket and remove it from the request queue.


Grid Key:

Color Green Blue Light Grey Red  
Symbol Check Pause Symbol (none) Yellow Exclamation Hourglass
Meaning Acknowledged On Hold Closed Task needs an Owner In Progress


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