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General Information

Tableau is a powerful, modern, and interactive data visualization tool. Tableau will provide insights into your data to help make productive decisions for future growth. It is a very easy and intuitive tool. The drag and drop notion invites all type of audiences to utilize Tableau. With careful planning, Tableau visualizations can provide meaningful insights.

Tableau consists of three main platforms. Tableau Desktop is the tool for the data visualization development. Tableau Server and Online serve as your content management tools. The Server and Online are near mirror of each other. The main difference is the physical presence versus cloud-based. Regardless, all these components work in-sync to allow greater synergy among an institution.

Tableau provides many different data connectors to bring in the appropriate data sources for analysis. It collaborates data files and/or database tables to create meaningful visuals. Also, many Excel functions work in the Tableau environment.

To request to purchase Tableau for a department (only faculty/staff may submit), please see the following link: LSU IT Service Catalog: Tableau category


Please find out more about Tableau at and other GROK Tableau articles.


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