Faculty360: File Storage, Data Import and Instant Access

File Storage

LSU Faculty360’s file storage feature enables faculty to record faculty activities and store artifacts of faculty work in one central location for increased accuracy and efficiency. Faculty can upload documents related to their job activities, such as the following items and more:

  • PowerPoint files
  • Full-text publications
  • Audio recordings
  • Video recordings
  • Syllabi
  • Rubrics
  • Assessment instruments
  • Examples of student work

Data Import

  • Faculty data (such as contact information and course loads) can be imported through CSV uploads from existing information systems on campus into the LSU Faculty360 database, eliminating unnecessary data entry and saving faculty valuable time.
  • LSU Faculty360 also supports integrations with other campus systems that can occur many times throughout the year, as needed.

Instant Access

LSU Faculty360 provides easy access to faculty information, online, at any time.

  • Using single sign-on, the LSU Faculty360 system can be accessed easily by logging into your myLSU account.
  • Once users have logged into myLSU, the system is readily available without an additional login.
  •  Faculty may access and update information from any computer with an internet connection, enabling them to:
  • Access faculty information instantly, rather than having to search through scattered files or maintain faculty activities using different programs.
  • Respond quickly to requests from department chairs, deans, provost’s office, and institutional research office when faculty information is requested throughout the year.
  • Organize and export faculty data that is stored in the system at any time.


Referenced from: Faculty360

7/13/2021 3:51:54 PM