Faculty360: Role Based Security and Search

System Security and Access

LSU Faculty360 creates a safe environment for faculty information while still making it easy for campus stakeholders to securely access that information. Key administrators can tap in one central repository as needed without making several requests to faculty throughout the year for information about their activities. As a result, faculty can focus their time and effort on more important things than having to respond to multiple requests.

Role-based Security

When user access is set up in the system, role-based security is assigned so that users can access the data they need to access, and see nothing more. Specifically, role assignments are configured as follows:

  • Individual faculty members can access their own information.
  • Department heads can access the information of faculty within their department.
  • College Deans can access information of faculty within their college.
  • Provost’s office can access information of faculty within the university.
  • Institutional Research can access information of all university faculty that is needed for accreditation purposes.
  • Department/College administrators can be assigned roles that allow them to run reports for a particular department or college, if necessary.
  • Proxies or data entry workers can be assigned security roles that allow them to enter information on behalf of faculty members, if necessary.


The search feature of LSU Faculty360 facilitates interdisciplinary research which leads to increased funding opportunities for the LSU campus. Specifically, administrators can:

  • Search database for faculty information research interests aligning with grant and funding opportunities.
  • Identify which faculty are conducting work in particular areas.
  • Identify which faculty to connect with specific external constituents for fundraising or speaking engagements.
  • Show which faculty can be connected for particular research opportunities.
  • Respond quickly to grant opportunities.


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