Faculty360: Customizable Reports

Customizable Reports

How does a faculty member obtain his or her annual faculty activity report? What if the reporting format that one college uses is different from that used by another college? LSU Faculty360 was built to handle such variation by providing access to particular fields that one unit may need for their own specific purposes but hiding unnecessary fields that no other college needs.

  • Custom report templates are built into LSU Faculty360 to meet the needs of all academic units. So the College of Human Sciences & Education can have different report templates than the College of Science…or the College of Music & Dramatic Arts, or the College of Humanities & Social Sciences. This includes things as important as supporting the various citation styles that each needs.
  • LSU Faculty360 also has the ability to export CV information and generate reports in different formats to meet the needs of different disciplines university requirements.

Once information is stored in the system, users can generate custom faculty reports instantly, at the click of a button. When you click to run a report with LSU Faculty360, the report is then built in real-time using all data entered as of that instant.

  • During the first year of using the system, faculty can use LSU Faculty360 to generate CV reports, custom annual activity reports, and self-evaluations (if applicable).
  • As information is built into the database over time, faculty can may use the system to generate many other types of reports (e.g. faculty bio sketches, promotion/tenure reports, sabbatical leave reports, etc.) from additional data that is collected by the system.
  • Administrators can generate reports instantly to respond quickly to one-off requests when state legislators, accreditors, regents, or other campus administrators inquire about faculty work in particular areas.
  • LSU Faculty360’s ad hoc reporting tool also allows administrators to select the exact data elements they would like to review from those collected in the system.


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