Faculty360: Campus Customizations

Campus Customizations

LSU Faculty360 was built to be extremely versatile and solve a complex problem on the LSU campus: LSU Faculty360 needs to collect certain information from some campus units but not for others. For example, the College of Engineering needs to collect certain information that no other college needs. The system was designed to figure out what information needs to be collected from whom.

Here’s How it Works:

1. The LSU Faculty360 system starts with a set of base fields commonly collected by other campuses. The base fields are modified and new fields are added to incorporate any common data that all campus unites need to collect.

2. Once the interface fields have been customized, fields are added or customized to for individual academic units. During this process, the LSU system administrator (Nikki McNamara) works in extensive collaboration with representatives from each college or school to develop the data fields incorporated into the LSU Faculty360 interface and custom report templates using existing CV and annual activity reports as guides.

3. Digital Measures uses the reports to add screens and fields to the base screen based on the data that needs to be collected for each academic unit.

Post-implementation Customizations

  • It is expected that individual colleges and departments will determine new methods to use the database as they become aware of the system’s reporting capabilities.
  • Your college’s representative will work collaboratively with the system administrator (Nikki McNamara) to make additional needed customizations and to add and revise reports, as needed.


Referenced from: Faculty360

7/13/2021 3:44:38 PM