Faculty360: Maintence & Data Use

Maintenance & Data Use

The collection and presentation of activities calls for clear guidelines associated with access and use. Delineating these guidelines fosters collaboration and trust among the institutions’ many stakeholders and creates a fair and open environment through which information is kept current, accurate, and is shared appropriately. It is important faculty experience the positive and beneficial aspects of the LSU Faculty360 database and concurrently feel secure knowing the information is being used appropriately.


Maintaining the accuracy of information in the LSU Faculty360 database is the responsibility of individual faculty members. Faculty should be mindful to keep information up-to-date since the LSU Faculty360 database may serve as the basis for real-time displays on some department or college websites and may contribute to the creation of promotion and tenure dossiers. Individual faculty, or parties appointed or approved by those individual faculty, are solely responsible for updating and maintaining their individual data, and for reviewing the accuracy of these data.

Periodic reminders will be sent to update information, particularly prior to significant reporting periods such as at the end of the year when annual Faculty Activity Reports are due or when information may be gathered for other purposes such as accreditation reports.


Information and reports in the LSU Faculty360 database will be directly available to individuals inside Louisiana State University as indicated in the table below.


Individual Faculty Member

His or her own CV (curriculum vitae)
His or her own annual faculty activity report

Department Chair

Department faculty annual activity reports
Department faculty individual CVs
Department-level statistical reports
Statistical reports for departmental distribution


College/school faculty annual activity reports College/school faculty individual CVs
Department and college-level statistical reports
Statistical reports for college distribution


All university faculty annual activity reports
All university faculty individual CVs
Department, college and university-level statistical reports Statistical reports for university distribution


The decision to release potentially identifying information to individuals outside Louisiana State University will be made by individual faculty members on an “opt in” basis. Examples include releasing information for participating in multi-university arrangements designed to share information for the purpose of identifying potential collaborators.Personal and potentially identifying information other than name, academic rank and position, and on-campus contact information will be not shared with anyone outside Louisiana State University without the consent of the individual faculty person.

Other types of reports produced for the purpose of university external reviews and accreditation requirements or produced for any other unit on campus other than those specified above will be produced with the cooperation of the pertinent departments and colleges, and will be reviewed by the LSU Faculty360 Advisory Committee.


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