Google Drive: Send Sharable Link to File or Folder


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To Send a Sharable Link to File or Folder to Others:

1. Log into Google Drive.

Google account login screen

2. Select My Drive on the left side of the screen.

My Drive tab in Google Drive

3. Once there, double click on a file to open.

Selected file in Google Drive

4. Once file is open, click the More actions (triple dot) button in the top right corner of the screen.

More actions button in Google Drive

5. When the drop down menu appears, select Share.

Share file option in Google Drive

6. When the Share with others box opens, click Get shareable link in the top right corner.

Get shareable link button in Google Drive

7. Click the drop down arrow next to Anyone with the link to select the file access settings.

File access setting selection in Google Drive

8. After selecting the access settings, e-mail addresses can be entered under the People tab to send the link to others. The link will allow those who receive the file to view, edit, and comment based on the chosen settings. When all e-mail addresses are entered, click Send.

Forwarding a link to other e-mail addresses in Google Drive


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