Google Drive: General Settings


Google Drive: General Settings:

Google Drive is a storage solution that lets you create, share, and access files and folders across the web through access to the cloud. There are many general settings you may change, such as storage space, file upload conversions, offline editing options, viewing theme (density), and Google Photos settings.

To Change General Settings:

1. To open your Settings, click the gear icon in the top right corner of the page, then click Settings from the menu.

Google Drive settings link in menu

2. The Settings page will now appear, with several options listed.

Google Drive General settings page


The Upgrade Storage link in this section allows you to increase your storage space for a fee.

Convert uploads

This option automatically converts uploaded documents into the Google Docs format, which can help free up space on your Drive.


Clicking the Change language settings link allows you to change the language of Google Drive and other services.


This checkbox allows you to set your Google Drive to work offline, which keeps copies of your documents on your local computer.


This dropdown menu allows you to change the viewing theme and overall layout of your Google Drive page. Comfortable changes the overall layout to be large, Cozy changes the layout to be medium sized, and Compact makes everything streamlined and small.

Create a Google Photos folder

This places a folder in your Google Drive that automatically links with your Google Photos and lets you access them in Drive.

Privacy & Terms

These links allow you to view the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions of Google services.


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