WebEX: Distinction between the LSU Faculty/Staff WebEx Portal and the Student WebEx Portal

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General Overview:

LSU is licensed for two WebEx sites, one for LSU Faculty/Staff and one for LSU Students. While LSU affiliates are able to attend meetings in either portal, users will only be able to host meetings in their respective portal. The main difference between the two portals is that the LSU Students WebEx Portal contains only the Meeting Center, which is an online meeting space of up to 8 attendess. This is designed for online collaboration, such as online study groups, group projects, etc. The LSU Faculty/Staff WebEx Portal contains four different meeting enviornments: Meeting Center, Event Center, Support Center, and Training Center. The four centers in the LSU Faculty/Staff WebEx Portal contain more features specific to the professional needs of the faculty and staff, including the ability to host larger number of attendees, register for online webinars, employee training, online support, faculty/staff meetings, etc. 

Each site is specific regarding hosting rights for either LSU Faculty/Staff or LSU Students. While this is true concerning the hosting rights, users, including non-LSU affiliates may attend any session to which they have been invited from both WebEx sites. 

For more information on the two LSU WebEx sites, please see the following articles:

NOTE: These services depend on high quality bandwidth from end to end, as well as high quality endpoints.  If either end does not have a good Internet connection or modern endpoint device, you may experience a poor quality conference.

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