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LSU and WebEx -- End of Service Notice

Please note that as of July 23, 2019, WebEx will no longer be available through LSU. For video and web conferencing needs please use Zoom -- Zoom Quick Start Guide


General Information

WebEx is a web conferencing software as a service that allows CURRENTLY ENROLLED students, currently active faculty and staff of the LSU A&M, Law Center, and Veterinary Medicine campuses to host online meetings, webinars, training sessions, and remote support. WebEx contains features for sharing your screen and applications, a whiteboard feature, along with Voice over IP for a smooth end-user experience. For more information on similar services provided by ITS for LSU faculty and staff and additional video resources for students, view the following article: Digital Media Services: LSU Overview.

NOTE: These services depend on high quality bandwidth from end to end, as well as high quality endpoints.  If either end does not have a good Internet connection or modern endpoint device, you may experience a poor quality conference.

To Access WebEx, please see one of the following links:

Account Eligibility

Available To:   
  • Currently ACTIVE LSU Faculty/Staff Members 
  • Currently enrolled LSU Students 
Participating LSU Campus Locations:  
  • Louisiana State University A&M  (Baton Rouge Campus)
  • The LSU School of Veterinary Medicine

Getting Started

LSU is licensed for two WebEx sites, one for LSU Faculty/Staff and one for LSU Students. While LSU affiliates are able to attend meetings in either portal, users will only be able to host meetings in their respective portal. See the following article on WebEX: Distinction between the LSU Faculty/Staff WebEx Portal and the Student WebEx Portal.

NOTE: The main difference between the two portals is that the LSU Students WebEx Portal only has access to the Meeting Center, while the LSU Faculty & Staff WebEx Portal has access to the Meeting Center, Event Center, Support Center, and Training Center. 

WebEx at LSU

LSU Best Practices
Use Case Scenarios

Additional Training & Support Resources

Training with LSU's Faculty Technology Center

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact the Faculty Technology Center at (225) 578-3375, option 2 or email ftc@lsu.edu.

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