Lynda Campus: App for iOS Devices

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How to Access Lynda Campus App for iOS:

1. Use the App Store to install the free app on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc.). app in the iOS App store

2. When you launch the app, a welcome screen will appear with a Login button at the bottom. Tap the "Already a member?" button.

iOS app for Lynda login screen

3. On the ensuing screen, tap on the "Organization" tab.

Lynda iOS app showing to login via individual or organization.

4. In the Web Portal field, enter "" and then tap the Go button. This will redirect you to the familiar purple screen where you can enter your myLSU credentials.

Lynda iOS app showing to enter the address in the Web Portal box.   myLSU login screen

5. Once authenticated, you will be redirected back to and will be logged in under our campus license.


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