iPhone: LSUMail Calendar Options


Configure Calendar Options for LSUMail:

1. Starting at the Home screen, tap the Settings Icon.

IOS 7 Settings Icon

2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars on the menu screen.

The IOS7 Settings Menu

3. For On\Off toggle options: Select your Email account connected to LSUMail listed at the top of Menu.

The IOS7 Mail Account Selection Menu

4. To set your default calendar settings, scroll down to the Calendars section.

The IOS 7 Calendar Selection Options Menu

5. Settings in this section include:

• Add a different mail signature for each mail account.
• Add mail accounts, such as your LSUMail.  If you are unable to, try selecting a Google account and entering in your LSUMail information.
• Automatically bcc yourself on every message you send.
• Turn ON the Organize by Thread to group related messages together.
• Turn OFF confirmation for deleting a message to skip "are you sure you want to delete?"
• Turn OFF Push delivery of new messages to conserve the battery of your device.
• Temporarily turn OFF an account to stop pulling account information without deleting the configuration settings.

LSUMail Server Settings

Incoming Mail Server (IMAP):

outlook.office365.com      Port:  993
Encryption Method:  SSL

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):

outlook.office365.com      Port:  587
Encryption Method:  TLS

Generate Server Settings (OWA):

Find POP, IMAP & SMTP Settings for LSUMail

Referenced from: Apple iOS7 Manual

9/7/2017 4:15:39 PM