Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit: Reporting

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Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit: Reporting


General Information

This article deals with using the Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit for reporting after an assessment has been completed.  For general information about the MAP Toolkit, for download and installation instructions, and for instructions on how do perform an assessment, please visit this GROK article:

Reporting in the MAP Toolkit

1. After an assessment of your environment has been completed, you can view different reporting options available from MAP toolkit on the left hand side of the application. 

The two major options are Desktop and Server:

Reporting Options: Desktop Virtualization and Server Virtualization

2. In the Desktop reporting section, there are five tiles: (1) Windows 8 Readiness, (2) Windows 7 Readiness, (3) Office 2010 Readiness, (4) Internet Explorer Discovery, and (5) Office 2013 Readiness.

Clicking on any of the five tiles will bring up more data about that tile as well as an option to generate detail readiness and proposal reports. 

You can also choose to do another assessment of your environment by clicking on (6) Collect inventory data.  If you have multiple databases, you can switch between them by clicking on (7) Select database.

 Desktop Readiness window

3. As mentioned above, clicking on any of the five tiles will bring on a detail assessment for that tile.  You can choose to generate a (1) Readiness Report & Proposal here. 

The generated report will be stored in the MAP folder under Documents in the user's profile.  If you have more stringent hardware requirements than Microsoft's defaults, click (2) Customize assessment properties, then select Use custom settings and enter your hardware requirement.

Windows 8 Readiness: Readiness Report & Customize Assessment Properties

Computer-by-Computer Reporting

Please visit this TechNet Blog for instructions:


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