Lynda Campus: Sharing a Course

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Lynda Campus has provided a new function in order to allow faculty and students to share course with other people. 

To Share a Lynda Campus Course:

1. Select the Share button at the top right-hand side of the page you would like to share.

NOTE: If users are not already logged in,  these links will take them to their school portal to do so before automatically taking them to the courses page on If users are logged in, these links will take them directly to the courses pages.

course share button on the top right-hand side of the screen

2. Copy the link provided and paste this course link to the desired location (For example, your syllabus). Lynda Campus also provides an alternate option that allows you to email these links to another person instead of copying and pasting.

NOTE: This URL can also be sent via email or incorporated into a Moodle course.

--For more information on how to share a Lynda Campus course refer to the following page.

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