TN3270 Lite App for Mac & iOS: Download, Install & Configure LSU Mainframe

In order to connect to the LSU Mainframe from an iOS Device, you must first download, install, and configure the TN3270 App.

Download the TN3270 Lite App

1. Open the App Store on your Apple device.

2. Tap in the Search box and type TN3270 Lite.    (it should be the first one on the list)

3. Tap the GET and then INSTALL Button, located to the right of the TN3270 Lite App.

4. Sign in with your Apple ID.

TN3270 Emulator in iOS app store

5. When it is finished downloading it will appear on your home screen.

Configure the TN3270 App

1. Tap the TN3270 icon to open the app.

TN 3270 emulator in iOS home screen

2. Tap Configure, then tap New.

TN 3270 emulator with configure tab selected

TN 3270 emulator with new tab selected

3. Enter LSU Mainframe Configuration Settings:

IP Address:

Port:                 23

SSL:                 ON

Name:             LSU Mainframe

Tn 3270 Emulator with necessary fields filled in.

Connect to the LSU Mainframe with the TN3270 Lite App

1. Tap on the tn3270 lite icon to open the app.

TN 3270 emulator in iOS home screen

2. Tap Connect. (Or click File > Connect if not seen.) The Mainframe screen will display.

TN 3270 emulator with LSU mainframe screen shown.


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