Enhanced Voice Messaging: Mobile App


General Information

This mobile phone application allows iPhone & Android users to change their office voicemail greeting from their mobile phone.


1. Basic Voicemail Service: subscribe by entering a UNI work order.  

(Service Catalog Entry: Voicemail - Faculty and Staff)

2. Subscribe to Enhanced Voicemail Service: subscribe by entering a UNI work order(View help on completing the UNI work order.)

(Service Catalog Entry: Enhanced Voice Messaging (EVM))

3. Configure voicemail to be sent to your e-mail.

(EVM Service: LSU Overview)

Getting Started

How do I install the EVM Mobie App?

How do I  forward and disable forwarding of my voicemail?

How do I change my Greeting?

How do I access my EVM messages Inbox?


How do I install the EVM Mobile App?

The EVM Mobile application can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.  The App is currently FREE.   (iTunes/Google Play Account required)

  • Tap the icon for the App Store or Google Play on your device.
  • Tap the Search icon and type in Mutare EVM Mobile App.
  • Tap Purchase on the Mutare EVM Mobile App, then tap Install.
  • Tap to Enter your Account & Password.
  • You will see the Mutare EVM Mobile App on your home screen once the installation is complete.

EVM Mobile App information


How do I start Forwarding my Voicemail?

1. Tap Settings, located on the Home screen of your iPhone.  

2. Enter  the EVM Server URL & your 5-digit Office Extension.   (This is the last 5 digits of your on-campus telephone.  Ex: For phone no. 578-1234, you will enter 81234 for the Mailbox Number.)

3. Tap Test Connection.

EVM Server URL Settings

**PLEASE NOTE that with your PERSONAL voicemails going to your EVM Inbox, the EVM Acknowledgment you agreed to via LSU ITS says that those PERSONAL voicemails can be pulled through Public Record Requests.

4. Enter your Voice Mail Password and tap OK.

EVM Server Password

5. If the display states: "Info: Connection Successful", click OK.

6. If you do not receive a Successful Connection, do the following:

EVM Info: Connection Successful.

7. Tap the Menu button icon.   Menu button

8. Tap Call Forward. 

9. Add your 10-digit office number (Example: 225-578-0000) & Select your Carrier. (Your local service provider for the phone).

10. Tap Forward.

Call Forward

11.  When Copied to Clipboard Window pops up, follow the instructions and press OK.

  • NOTE: You will need to tap home key of iPhone, open the Phone dialer, tap and hold just above the Keypad, tap Paste, then tap the Call button. The Activation Confirmation Window will appear. Tap Dismiss.

Call Forward Paste Number pasted Setting Activation Succeeded

12. To Disable the Forwarding feature: Tap the Menu button  image of menu button  then put in your 10 digit office number and carrier. Tap Unforward.

  • NOTE: You will need to open the iPhone dialer, tap and hold just above the Keypad, tap Paste, then tap the Call button. The De-activation Confirmation Window will appear. Tap Dismiss.

      Call forward Copied to Clipboard Paste Number Pasted Setting Erasure Succeeded


How do I change my Greeting?

Select the Menu button  Menu button  and Select Greeting.

  • NOTE: You can customize your office phone voicemail greeting from your mobile phone and upload it for use. This allows you to change voicemail greetings at anytime.

1. Tap Record and after the beep begin recording your greeting. When finished recording tap Stop.

Greeting Greeting

2. Tap Play to hear, then tap Upload to use the new greeting.

  • NOTE: Your greeting is now updated and in use. You may remove it at any time by recording and uploading a new greeting.

Greeting Uploading tab


How do I access my EVM messages Inbox?

1. Select the Menu Button Menu buttonand then select Inbox.

2. Once in your Inbox, tap the arrow to the right to listen to the message.

  • NOTE: You may select Edit and tap the small check box to Delete a message (This deletes the message from both your cell phone and mailbox and is Permanent).

     Call Forward Speech-to-Text pending

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