On The Hub: Download Install File & Retrieve Product Key for Windows 7 (Students)

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General Information

On The Hub is a Recommended download site offered to LSU Students.  It is available for downloading Windows 7 and other software packages with an Educational Discount. This method provides a FREE Authorization Key that can be used on ONE Student Personal Computer.

Why is this the recommended method?

  • As an LSU Student, you won't have any issues; however, upon Graduation or Leaving the University, you will no longer have access to connect to the LSU VPN  OR  the eduroam network.

1. To fix this problem: You will be required to RE-FORMAT YOUR COMPUTER & re-install Windows 7 from On The Hub.  Download and Activate Windows 7 using the On The Hub Product Key.

2. To avoid this problem: It is Recommended that you  Download and Activate Windows 7 using the On The Hub Product Key.

Important Student Information

  • This Product Key received will activate Windows 7 on ONE COMPUTER ONLY.  After installing and activating ONCE, the Activation Key WILL NOT work again.

  **  VERY IMPORTANT NOTE  **  Make Sure to SAVE your Product Key !!!  Write it Down  ** 


You cannot download the Enterprise Version of Windows 7 and Authorize with the On The Hub Product Key.  This Will Not Work.

  • EITHER:   Download Windows 7 Enterprise Version and Authorize using the Enterprise Server,
  • OR:    Download Windows 7 On The Hub Version and Authorize using the Product Key.
  • Additional Keys Needed

1. To request additional Activation Keys for another Computer:

2. If you choose to Download & Activate Windows 7 with the Enterprise Version, you will be required to connect to the LSU Server every 180 Days to renew your license.

To Connect to the LSU Server to renew your license:

  • EITHER:   Connect to the LSU VPN & Wait 10 minutes.  This will authorize Windows 7 via the LSU Enterprise Server.
  • OR:   Bring the computer to the LSU Campus, Log into the eduroam network with your PAWS ID & Wait 10 minutes.  This will authorize Windows 7 via the LSU Enterprise Server.

Students - Purchase, Download, Install & Activate (Using On The Hub)

1. Open the On The Hub Web Site and login with your PAWS ID and Password. 

2. Click Windows 7 near the bottom of the page.

Windows 7 icon shown on on the hub main page

3. Click either Windows 7 Professional  OR  Windows 7 Ultimate.  Windows 7 Professional will be preselected; scroll down to select Windows 7 Ultimate. After you select one, click the Add to Cart button on the right of the page. Notice that this is a Free Purchase.

Windows 7 selections on On the hub

4. Click Shopping Cart at the top right of the page then click Check Out at the bottom right of the drop down window that appears.

shopping cart and check out button on OnTheHub

5. Scroll down to fill in your Username and Signature and review the License Agreement.

6. Click  Accept at the bottom to the right of the Decline button.

Accepting license agreement

7. Answer the Customer Survey questions with the drop down selections and click Next at the bottom left.

customer survey

8. Enter your Contact Information:  First Name, Last Name, and Email.

9. After reviewing your Order, click Proceed With Order at the bottom left.

the "Proceed With Order" button

10. Your receipt will display. An e-mail containing this receipt should have now been sent to your inbox provided; however the Product Key WILL NOT be in the e-mail.  Your Product Key listed below on the receipt will ONLY appear in your On The Hub Account for 30 DAYS.

  **  VERY IMPORTANT NOTE  **  Make sure to SAVE your KEY !!!  Write it Down  ** 

**WRITE THE KEY DOWNSAVE THIS KEY!  On The Hub will charge you for later key downloads or for retrieval of lost or misplaced keys.**

the Product Key and receipt page

11. If you have trouble using On the Hub to download Windows 7, you can Download the On The Hub Version of Windows 7 from TigerWare.

  **  VERY IMPORTANT NOTE  **  Make sure to SAVE your KEY !!!  Write it Down  ** 

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