LSU WCMS (Rhythmyx): How to Change Workflow State


A WCMS Workflow is a set of States that a Content Item progresses through during its lifetime. 

To Change Workflow State in WCMS:

  • Draft: Item has not been published.
  • Review: Item has been edited by another author and is awaiting review.
  • Pending: Item has been approved by an editor and is waiting to be moved to the public state.
  • Public: Item is on the live site or will be after the next publishing run.
  • Quick Edit: Item is being edited after being in the public state.
  • Archive: Item is no longer live on the website.

Workflow states.

To move your content between the workflow states, right click on the item and select the workflow state you would like to put it in.

How to change workflow states.

12/22/2016 11:52:06 AM