LSU Calendar: Submit an Event

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LSU Calendar: Submit an Event

1. Click Submit an Event under the Events Calendar Info category.

Submit an Event option

2. Click Add Event.


Step 1: Enter Event Details

Fill in the required fields Title and Description, click next at the bottom right of your screen. 

Title and Description box

Step 2: Select Location

Select an existing location from the drop down menu OR Suggest a new one by filling in an address, then click next  at the bottom right.

Select an existing location or suggest a new one

Step 3: Select Contact

Select an existing contact from the drop-down menu OR Suggest a new one, click next at the bottom right.

Existing Contact options

Step 4: Suggest Topical Areas (Optional)

Topical areas

Step 5: Contact Information and Comments

Enter your email address, then click submit for approval.

Entering email and submitting for approval

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