macOS: Kernel Panic Message and Safe Booting

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Kernel Panic Message

Though it is uncommon, on some occasions Macs may stop responding and display a message telling the user that the computer needs to be restarted. This message is called a kernel panic. It can be resolved with a few simple steps: 

Restarting the Mac with a Safe Boot:

1. Restart the Mac by pressing and holding the [Power] button for several seconds; then, press the same power button to startup the Mac again.

2. When the Mac starts up again, hold down the [Shift]  key to start up with a Safe Boot in the Safe Mode. 

3. When the Mac has started up successfully after the Safe Boot, restart the Mac by clicking Restart from the Apple Menu, and let it start up normally. 

NOTE: It is also recommended to run a software update after a kernel panic, which will often equip the Mac to better handle future external issues, such as malformed network packets.

If the mac has another kernel panic during the start up in Safe Mode, or within a few weeks, please visit Apple's official Kernel Panic Article for advanced and complete troubleshooting. 

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