LSUMail: Set up Thunderbird for POP or IMAP

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This article explains the steps for setting up Mozilla Thunderbird as either a POP or IMAP client accessing an LSUMail Account.   The screen shots in this article are those of Thunderbird 6.0.2.  What you see will depend on your version of Thunderbird.

POP/IMAP e-mail programs such as Thunderbird will access your LSUMail messages but contacts and calendar entries are kept on your local computer and not synchronized with the contacts and calendar items your LSUMail  account.

For Windows and Mac Users, ITS recommends using Microsoft Outlook or the Outlook OWA (

PLEASE NOTE: This will only work ON CAMPUS. Conditional Access will not support IMAP off campus.



1. Identify your POP, IMAP and SMTP settings for LSUMail.

2. Download and install the latest version of Mozilla Thunderbird.

3. Set up Thunderbird as either a POP or IMAP client with the information you obtained from Step 1.

  • IMAP clients will keep your e-mails on the mail server and just show you the contents.  This provides more flexibility and other e-mail apps will be able to get to your messages.  
    • **ITS Recommends Using IMAP**
  • POP clients will download all your e-mails to your local machine and usually remove the copy from the mail server.
    • We DO NOT Recommend using POP connections because deleting e-mails from the mail server will prevent other e-mail programs from seeing them.

4. Open Thunderbird.

5. On the Front Screen, select Email under Create a new account to create a new mail account.

Set up an account

6. On the Welcome to thunderbird screen select "Skip this and use my existing email."

screenshot of Welcome to Thunderbird screen

7. Fill in your Name, E-mail Address & Password.

  •  Do Not specify a Password if you prefer for Thunderbird to Prompt You to Enter It.

Set up an existing email

8. Click '"Continue".

9. Thunderbird will attempt an automatic configuration, if it fails do the following:

  • Click on the "Manual config" button to fill in the correct information.

Manual Configuration

10. Enter your unique hostnames for the incoming and outgoing options.  Change Authentication settings to Autodetect.  

  • Username is your e-mail address.

Configuration Setting


11. Click the "Re-test" button to try out your settings.


  • If it works, the "Create Account" button will no longer be grayed out.  

12. Click on "Create Account" to finish your Thunderbird set up.

13. Thunderbird is now ready.

Thunderbird Plugins

Lastly, please note that there are currently no plugins available for Thunderbird that support Modern Authentication.


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4/25/2019 2:46:49 PM