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General Information

The Percussion Rhythmix Web Content Management System (WCMS) is a Web Development Solutions provided by ITS.  (This tool is a replacement for StudioWeb.)

There is no client software to install, everything is done through a web interface making it easy to work anywhere with an internet connection.  Features include:  (1) Workflow for content approval, (2) Version control, (3) Archiving, (4) New access control levels & (5) Templates allow for more personalized themes & styles.

Eligibility & Authentication

Available To:        LSU Faculty, Staff & Departments.  (Upon Request)

Log in:                   Log into the myLSU Portal.  Click Computing Services | Web Content Manager.

Authentication:   Log in with your PAWS ID & PAWS Password.

Request a WCMS Site

1. Read & Complete the WCMS Consulting Documents:

a.  Web Client Checklist.

b.  Web Survey.

c.  Web Site Outline Example.

2.  You will be Contacted by Lori Kemp.  The following will be completed collaboratively:

a. Develop a Plan for the Overall Look of the Site.

b. Determine whether WCMS is the right tool to use.

3. Use your PAWS ID & PAWS Password to make updates to your site.

Training & Support

WCMS / Rhythmix Reference Manual

ITS Web Hosting: LSU Overview

WordPress: LSU Overview

NOTE:  ITS WCMS Training will be provided Upon Completion of the Site.

Example WCMS Sites

LSU College of Science

LSU Biological Sciences

LSU Student Union

LSU Kinesiology

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