Lynda Campus: Navigating the Site

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There are numerous navigation options available in Lynda Campus to help you quickly find the most appropriate training videos. 

Search Filters:

            Library              Subject              Navigation Panel  

To Navigate the Lynda Campus website:

1. Library:  Filter training modules by Subject by hovering over the Library drop down menu. 

NOTE: You may narrow your search even further by selecting specific Topics or Software

Library Menu with Audio + Music tab selected at the left, and Topics, Software, and Learning Paths columns on the right


2. Subject: Select the Library button located on the top bar to view All Subjects.

All Subjects page


3. Subject Navigation Panel: After selecting a subject, narrow your search using the the Topics, Software and Author tabs in the navigation panel on the left of the page. 

Topics Tab Software Tab Author Tab


Referenced from: Lynda Campus

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